Air Conditioning Installation

Repairs, installation and maintenance

Impact offer a full range of air conditioning services including emergency air conditioning repairs, office air conditioning installation and air conditioning maintenance agreements, throughout London, M25 and M4 corridor.

Trade certified engineers

When your air conditioning unit fails, it can leave you with an entire building suffering from overheating or freezing – and when it happens, you need it fixed quickly.

However complex your air conditioning and refrigeration system is, it should always be carried out by an experienced, trade certified engineer.

Impact are able to help quickly with our team of experienced engineers specialising in installing, maintaining and repairing air conditioning refrigeration units.

We operate within the residential, corporate and commercials sectors. And we only employ experienced, trade qualified refrigeration engineers to ensure the highest possible professional standards.

Office Air Conditioning Installation London

Air conditioning maintenance

Air conditioning, like any moving parts machinery, can break down and often on the hottest days of the year, but regular Impact air conditioning maintenance can prevent this. We cannot stress how important regular planned maintenance is to the effectiveness and long term health of your system.

Maintenance and service contracts

Impact offers and provides fully tailored maintenance programmes to suit your system and pocket. All programmes are individually matched to both your system and your requirements, whilst also complying with statutory safety, mandatory requirements, regulations and manufacturers guidelines.

We can offer three standard tiers of maintenance agreements or a more tailored solution depending on your requirements.

To arrange a site survey and discuss your requirements, call 0845 838 1157

Air conditioning installation

At Impact we have professional, expert, experienced installation engineers who are happy to consult with our clients on design and installation of air conditioning or refrigeration to ensure you get the perfect system for you. We work with all the major brands to ensure that the correct configuration and products are used:

Samsung, Daikin, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Carrier, LG, Carel, Thermoscreen and Calorex.

London refrigeration unit repair

Whether the problem with your air conditioning refrigeration unit, be it the heat pump compressor, the condenser or the evaporator, our engineers are qualified to carry out the necessary repair work. We also carry out refrigeration unit installation, maintenance and servicing.

Charging basis

We operate an inclusive call out fee with no hidden charges, so call 0845 838 1157 to arrange a visit or get a free quote.

Why we need air conditioning

The chances are that you work, rest, or play in a building that has people, lights, windows, electric or electronic equipment, and many other forms of heat. All of these give off heat to the air, except windows, which allow heat from the sun to pass through the glass and heat up your environment.

In the middle of summer, if you open a window, the chances are you are going to let in more humid, hot air, noise and fumes. You cannot get rid of this heat with ventilation or fans, all you do is create a gale, blow papers around or introduce more of that hot, humid air.

You may feel cool when a fan blows air on you – everyone has a thin layer of moisture on his or her skin. Blowing air over the skin evaporates the moisture, which has a cooling effect – it is called evaporative cooling. But it will not reduce the temperature or humidity to a comfortable level.

Many new cars now have the option of air conditioning, but at a price. For a similar cost you could have air conditioning for your office, living room, workshop, bedroom, or shop … give us a call to discuss 0845 838 1157